Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's the End of the World As We Know It

I started my scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences today at 1:30 pm. It is now 4:10 pm and not one person has showed up for their conference. 6 no shows. This has never happened to me in 29 years of teaching. I cannot believe things have gotten this bad for education. If kids don't care, and parents don't care, what am I doing here?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Day

Saturday mornings are always the same at the Speirs home. Andrea gets up about 9:30 am. Lynn has been up since 7 planning for his favorite day of the week. Mowing the lawn and planning for the football game make him the happiest. We need to hang the flag, posters, foam U, and find the high 5 hand. Next is clean the tv room and plan for game day treats (we usually have to go to the store twice, once before the game, once after the game). Choose the shirts we will wear (we have a plethura) then stake out where we need to sit on the couch before the family shows up. Life is good. Go Utes!

Shower at Grandma Sondra's

There was a big family shower for Nikki and Dani at the Galbraiths in Sandy waiting for the first baby girls in the Galbraith family. It was so pretty and the food was great. It was very fun getting together with all the Firths, Speirs, Galbraiths, and Lambs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Days in August

On August 10th this year we welcomed the newest member to our blossoming family. Jessica Casperson of the Willard Bay Caspersons, decided she would be the newest Mrs. Speirs in our clan. Jess is beautiful, kind, intelligent, and willing to be patient with our Kenny (she calls him Kennedy). They were sealed in the Logan Temple on an amazing Tuesday morning and made Kenny the happiest man on the planet. They are living in Logan as they attend Utah State. We have quickly learned to love Jessica and her cute family and look forward to many future family gatherings. We have officially decided the Caspersons are us in cowboy boots.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By Ourselves

Since September 4, 2010 Lynn and I have been alone for the first time in our married lives. Imagine no dance lessons, scout activities, or ball practices to be to. PTA meetings, sharing my car, and carpooling are all a thing of the past. Lynn and I can be together all we want to on 2 Mondays a month, every other Thursday, Friday nights and some Saturdays! That seems like a lot of time now, but what will we do when he is released as bishop and we get to be together all of the time? While on vacation we practiced doing what we want by going to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and driving through American Fork Canyon which was beautiful.

Here We Go Again!

Long ago I kept up on my blog and then my life became a little crazy so I have a year to catch up on! I couldn't sleep and so decided to try and make amends with my family and friends. Everything in the past year seems a blur, but if you will be patient with me, I will try to get back in the saddle and update everyone.
Last week we tried (and almost succeeded) to take a vacation to Park City. All the kids and their families came up at one time or another and boy did we eat well. The rule is always "a carmel apple a day from Rocky Mountain Chocolate."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carly Graduates, Get's Her Ring, and Celebrates

On May 8, Carly graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Public Relations. Jordan gave her a gorgeous ring and we celebrated at a party in our yard to introduce Jordan's family to the Firth masses. It was an amazing day